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Protista aims at development and manufacturing of high quality scientific and technological products, ranging from gluten-free foods to immobilized biocatalysts and biomaterials for regenerative medicine. The key staff at Protista, represents a broad expertise in microbiology and fermentation, biochemistry and food chemistry, applied polymer chemistry and biomaterials, process development and manufacturing of fine chemicals.

The company utilizes own experiences and external company networks, including expertise from several Universities involved in European research projects (FP6, FP7), to find the desired technology and scientific solutions. Greenchem, a research program at Lund University, aimed at using modern biotechnology (white biotechnology) for production of biodegradable chemicals from renewable resources is one of these networks. New prospects for development of biomaterials in collaboration with School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at Brighton University (Brigthon, UK) is another example. See "Scientific projects". 


Protista continously publishes most scientific highlights, which is reflected by the considerable list of publications (see “News” - Selected publications).

Protista also participates in international seminars, presenting new research.( see “News” - Events).


The company is located in the southern part of Sweden, in the dynamic Swedish-Danish region of Medicon Valley, where a number of very wellknown biotech companies are located. 

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